left particle

left particle
левовинтовая частица

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  • Particle decay — is the spontaneous process of one elementary particle transforming into other elementary particles. During this process, an elementary particle becomes a different particle with less mass and an intermediate particle such as W boson in muon decay …   Wikipedia

  • particle — 1 Particle, bit, mite, smidgen, whit, atom, iota, jot, tittle all mean a very small or insignificant piece or part. Particle is used in reference not only to substances which are actually divisible but to such things as a quality, a state, or a… …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • Particle identification — is the process of using information left by a particle passing through a particle detector to identify the type of particle. Particle identification reduces backgrounds and improves measurement resolutions, and is essential to many analyses at… …   Wikipedia

  • Particle statistics — refers to the particular description of particles in statistical mechanics. The three main types of particle statistics are:* For classical systems: Maxwell Boltzmann statistics (M B statistics)::ar{n} = frac{1}{e^{left(epsilon mu ight)/k T* For …   Wikipedia

  • Left-right symmetry — is a general principle in physics which holds that valid physical laws must not produce a different result for a motion that is left handed than motion that is right handed. The most common application is expressed as equal treatment of clockwise …   Wikipedia

  • Particle in a box — In physics, the particle in a box (also known as the infinite potential well or the infinite square well) is a problem consisting of a single particle inside of an infinitely deep potential well, from which it cannot escape, and which loses no… …   Wikipedia

  • Particle in a spherically symmetric potential — In quantum mechanics, the particle in a spherically symmetric potential describes the dynamics of a particle in a potential which has spherical symmetry. The Hamiltonian for such a system has the form:hat{H} = frac{hat{p}^2}{2m 0} + V(r)where m 0 …   Wikipedia

  • particle accelerator — accelerator (def. 7). [1945 50] * * * Device that accelerates a beam of fast moving, electrically charged atoms (ions) or subatomic particles. Accelerators are used to study the structure of atomic nuclei (see atom) and the nature of subatomic… …   Universalium

  • Particle in a one-dimensional lattice (periodic potential) — In quantum mechanics, the particle in a one dimensional lattice is a problem that occurs in the model of a periodic crystal lattice. The problem can be simplified from the 3D infinite potential barrier (particle in a box) to a one dimensional… …   Wikipedia

  • Left-handed (disambiguation) — A person who is left handed primarily uses his or her left hand, more so than the right hand.Left handed may also refer to:* Heavy, Left Handed and Candid , DVD release by Cradle of Filth * Left handed material, metamaterial which has a negative… …   Wikipedia

  • Particle velocity level — The particle velocity level or the sound velocity level tells the ratio of a sound incidence in comparison to a reference level of 0 dB in a medium, mostly air.It shows the ratio of the particle velocity v 1 and the particle velocity v 0.The… …   Wikipedia

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